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If you are looking for an acupuncturist to continue treatment that you have already begun, or are new to alternative healing or acupuncture, Better Days Acupuncture LLC is excited to walk on your journey with you when you need a hand in your healing.  I understand that the beauty of life is that it’s customizable; I want to help you make your idea of living become your reality so that you can live your fullest life.  It is best to contact me via email as I provide an intimate setting for each patient during my working hours and I choose to not use my phone in any way as to disrupt the peaceful setting I provide.

What to Expect for your First Session

Seeking acupuncture is a step in your journey toward the healthy lifestyle you desire.  It marks the choice to invest in yourself.  Hopefully, you were able to fill out the forms online and we will be able to dive right in.  If you were unable to fill out the forms online, we will fill them out together.  We will discuss what brought you to me, and your present experiences in your health journey.  This holistic healthcare takes into consideration the entire being that you are today and that requires knowing the you that was once before as well as the you that you want to see for your future. 

What should I wear?

Please wear loose fitting clothing that is comfortable for you to rest in.  Ladies, bras that hook in the back are best so that I can hook/unhook as needed without you having to remove.  I do keep it warm and I use a warming amethyst bio mat and TDP heat therapy lamp during your treatment.

How do you assess my current state of health?

Pulse diagnosis will be done at each and every session.  Feeling the sensation of the pulse is important to understanding the current state of the body.  I feel for the rate of the pulse, the strength of the pulse, and the quality of the pulse; all are diagnostic measurements.  The tongue is the only muscle in the body that we can see because it is not covered by skin.  I will ask you to show me your tongue in a soft/gentle manner.  I will be looking at it’s shape, color, coating, cracks and moisture level.  The tongue tells me how your body is being supplied with blood, how your digestive system is functioning, how damp or dry your system is, as well as how hot or cold your system might be.  Don’t scrape your tongue before you come. 

What to Expect After your First Session

Some people experience a feeling that can be described as “AcuStoned” in which you may feel very euphoric, light, and relaxed…in a daze.  This is normal, enjoy it!  Some people feel quite energized and free to do what they want to do, again, very normal, enjoy it!  Acupuncture can be sedating for some and stimulating for others, depending on the needs of the body and the desires of the patient.  It’s always best to drink plenty of water and make sure you have eaten prior to and throughout the day of your treatment.  There are really no restrictions to follow after a treatment other than to listen to your body.  If you were treated for pain, and you feel better after a treatment, give yourself some time to heal before you engage fully in activities that have been painful in the past.  Recommendations for your healing may be provided, let them resonate and slowly put them into place.  Dietary changes, adding supplements, saying affirmations, meditations, and journaling are some of the recommendations that can help you and I better manage your needs and reach your goals.

New Client Forms

I will email you the forms to fill out, so check your inbox for a “Welcome Email” that contains the consent forms and initial intake forms for you to sign and share yourself with me.  Please take the time to invest in yourself by filling them out thoroughly because the more you share, the better I understand the picture of your current condition and can accurately treat the root cause of your condition so that your whole being is balanced and those unwanted symptoms can cease.

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